Testimonials from clients: 

I highly recommend Annabelle for any type of astrology reading! She recently did a birth chart and transit reading for me and I gained so much wonderful insight from it in relation to how the planetary archetypes in my chart illuminate aspects of my inner and outer personality, reveal strengths I can cultivate and challenges I can transform, and how certain planetary alignments support my life path ahead. Annabelle’s kind and compassionate presence, humor, archetypal metaphors, and keen astrological wisdom, all made the reading an absolute gift! I learned so much from my chart reading with her and left it feeling inspired by all of the new insights. I also really enjoyed how she sent me home with a lovely typed up summary of the reading, and how throughout the reading she used a visual of my birth chart to show me and explain the specific planetary alignments which provided me with a much deeper understanding of my chart than any other previous astrological readings I have ever had. Basically Annabelle rocks, she has a wise and wonderful spirit, and I fully recommend her for any astrological reading! J.H.

"About a month ago I was struck with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, confusion, and stuckness that no amount of therapy, meditation, yoga, or self-analysis could shake.  ANOTHER Saturn Return?  This is definitely Saturn related, I thought. I remembered my talks with Annabelle during that period in my late 20s where I was being (rather painfully) squeezed and challenged to grow by Saturn’s mighty ways.  With her extensive astrological knowledge and natural intuition, Annabelle was able to clarify and make meaning out of what I was experiencing.   A move, two jobs, a graduate degree and a handful of ex-boyfriends later I came back to Annabelle with familiar feelings and new questions.  

Annabelle listened to my presenting issues, drew up my natal chart, and scheduled a reading with me within days. Annabelle’s warmth, vibrant spirit, insight, and intellectual depth made for a uniquely healing and illuminating experience. Our reading was enlightening in many ways.  It normalized my feelings (yay I’m not a permanently crazy anxious person!) , provided a more concrete understanding of my current life transition, and helped bring light to certain susceptibilities and patterns, which I should remain mindful of.  As I move forward in this short but powerfully abundant life, I am grateful for the wisdom of the universe and for people like Annabelle who help me understand myself and our journey through the stars."---A.S.


Annabelle is an amazingly talented astrologer. I mean, she knows her stuff and she makes it all make sense in a way that is integrated, balanced and deeply respectful of your person, your past, and your life as you choose to live it.

Everything I learned with her further validated what I knew about myself and my life and gave it more substance, more ground, and a larger (more cosmic) frame to rest in. It also helped me understand myself, my leanings and my tendencies better.

She also helped my husband and me find a wedding date based on our respective charts and was super patient in answering questions as I navigated the pre-wedding jitters.

I can’t recommend her highly enough for your chart, your wedding, your relationship or your questions on where the world may be headed astrologically speaking.
— J.F.