About Astrology

Have you ever wondered about the significance of the moment of your birth, or why certain patterns show up prominently in your life? Did you know that after you are born, the planets continue to move and form relationships with the planets in your natal chart, thereby activating new energies in your life?

If you are curious about the archetypal forces at work in your relationships, career, health, education, spirituality, travel, and other areas of life, then I hope you will consider doing a chart reading with me. With awareness of your unique planetary setup and current configurations, you can become an ally with the universe, consciously co-creating the life you want instead of being a victim of fate or unconscious impulses.

For millennia, astrology has been used as a tool for understanding the psyche as well as the cosmos to which it is connected. This intuition drew me to astrology at age 11, and has sustained my ongoing exploration and my studies over the years and has endowed me with a deep desire to bring this invaluable psychological tool back to the forefront of human healing endeavors.


I offer 1 hour and 1.5 hour astrology readings to look at your birth chart and/or your transits.

Synastry readings are 90 mins and they are for couples, family members, business partners, etc.

Also available are ongoing astrology classes and groups.

And last but not least, people love to receive astrology readings as a gift!  Gift your loved one for a special occasion!

Find out more via email annabelle.drda@gmail.com or call 831-708-1176.